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Thread: shits me

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    shits me

    http://news.com.com/2010-1075-882846.html if this has been posted i didnt see it and didnt get to winge so sorry if it was posted and thanks to redgore for bringing it to my attention
    it really shits me that ms can target a free company and bring it to its knees this will just strengthen the monopoly even more and how can anyone allow this?? the judge must be smoking some of the stuff swiftymc has cause its a stupid descion etc etc
    well i cbf winging anymore hehe i will later

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    Yeah I hear you mate. This really gets to me as well. But there will come a time that Microsoft will no longer be able to just not cooperate with the Linux community. Linux is becoming more and more user friendly and, because of this, it is becoming more popular. The fact is that I can't do my work without Linux, because it's so flexible and stable. Windows is just something that I have to tolerate but hopefully, not for long .
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