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    On my Win2k box this SERVICES.EXE keeps popping up (using outpost) asking me whether or not to allow it. It's always trying to connect to ns.asm.bellsouth.net via UDP on high port numbers like 16948.

    Is this a Name Server? If so, why is my system trying to resolve names when I am not even using it or don't have IE open?

    thx for helping a newb understand

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    See this link reference your question: http://www.answersthatwork.com/Taskl...s/tasklist.htm

    This "Task List" page can give you answers about what processes should or should not be running on your computer. I found services.exe under "S" on the menu.

    Someone else (Zigar, I think) originally posted a link to this site. But I thought it would help.
    Anyway, services.exe is part of the operating system. I don't know why it should be trying to connect anywhere though.
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    services.exe is basically a handler

    services.exe is operates in conjunction with

    Computer Browser
    DHCP Client
    Distributed Link Tracking Client
    Event log
    DNS client
    Plug and play

    as you can see these are mostly netowrk related...which is why it is triggering your firewall...

    there's a really good page here
    which has a listing of all win2k and xp services..(which includes but not limited to services.exe) and whether you need em running or not...
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    Services.exe is a process that supplements the existing Device.exe process in loading system services. It expands the Device.exe functionality by hosting services that do not require direct access to the system and isolating those services from the system services. In the event of a service failure, separating the services protects a system service from failing as well. This functionality allows for enhanced device stability in a service failure and decreases the likelihood of a crash of the entire Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET–based device

    I experienced something like this with a windows update thing in WinXp. It said it was trying to "Sync up" with the server, but unlike your case, it DID NOT give a server name, other wise i would have been more apt to allow the connection. And I also dont remember it giving a file name....interesting. With all the security holes in Windows Xp i didnt want to take any chance.

    Lets keep in mind that exe files can be bound very easily. Maybe I am being paranoid, but i think in this buisness(ComputerSecurity), Paranoia can be a good thing.
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