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Thread: Really Secure?

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    Lightbulb Really Secure?

    As More Businesses and corperations make their network interface to the internet security has become a big issue for them. Linux has been one of the major operating systems in the business world. Red Hat linux has become one of the most popular distrobutions of linux but is it really Secure? Suse Linux as well as Debian have much greater security. But Still corperations Continue to use the Red hat distrobution. Why do they do this to themselves?
    is it because of the little extra configuration effort required or do they just not care about security?

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    Its like I was always told "Commercial Support" and also another valid point is...Its not as much as a distro issue, more important is the admin running it. A distro is only as good as the admin.

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    Hi BlazeTech, I dont understand why you dont believe that Red Hat is secure as SuSE or Debian. Its true that straight out of the box, Red Hat might have more vulnerabilities, but a competent System Admin will patch, and harden, and secure any box as much as possible. Adding and removing services and generally making it secure. The same thing goes for MS System Admins. Just because Windows isnt the most secure straight out of the box, doesnt mean it cant be made secure.
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