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    You *might* find one here:

    Web Attack
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    yep I was just about to post webattack... I am slow today...
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    a keylogger is not a trojan

    a trojan is a program that does something that you do not intend it to do (stupidly put)

    a keylogger can be used for legit reasons on your own computer (monitering kids, co-workers, wife/husband, or just seeing whats going on when ur not around)

    as for best keylogger, i just use one my friend wrote but its not for ditrib sorry...

    i suggest just searching google for "best keylogger"
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    Keyloggers -

    We have had people (usually skript kiddies and the like) who have asked about them before, and here is my 2 :

    Keyloggers are good for keeping a record of all the actions on your computer, which can server many functions. I used my keylogger to help recover papers I was typing when my computer would crash!

    A keylogger ceases to be a keylogger when it is placed on a third party computer, and it becomes a "trojan" or a "virus" depending on how it gets there. Anyone who uses a keylogger in such a manner is violating all eithical rules or is working for the Gov't or both.... :>

    Back in my Classic (i.e. OS 8 and 9) days I used to use "Peeping Tom" which was an extension, and did not gooble up much in the way of system resources...but that only worked one mac....
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    why dont you just download one from antionline. they have a big list of dif toolz you can
    use. well good luck... hope ive been some help. well CHOW

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