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    Well, i think that there is a force that has been seperated into the religions, because of this many religions and their "Gods" make miracles. Especailly in Greece in the Easter and in the Christmas almost in every church they are happening.

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    You know what? Ted Turner is an idiot. Let's just leave it at that.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    *LOL* True.

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    Ted is quite a character. A rich one.

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    Sorry, but who is Ted Turner?

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    TheI say losers turn to god from lazyness, it is an easy way to explain the unexplainable, and more often than not, science will soon explain that unexplainable.
    OK. So I'm a loser? And I'm lazy? No offense or anything, but that's bullshit. Take me for example, if I was a lazy as you say, I wouldn't be replying to ur post.

    Once a fact is established in science, it's not questioned. Science is there to end explanations and answer questions. But you can always question God cause he can't be proven. Following a path that may or may not be real is a lot harder than following facts. You're just following something that some guy, you probably don't even know who, discovered. How is that hard??

    Finally, people do turn to God for certain explanations, like what will happen to us when we die? Science tells you that you'll just rot away, and most people don't want to accept it. And, following God does not mean you use him as an explanation for everything. I accept evolution, rather than the creation of man in seven days.

    Now maybe some people just want an excuse for their laziness, but they don't represent religion. There's no way on earth that following God is the easy way out.
    Why am I still here?

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    Originally posted here by Alcatraz

    Once a fact is established in science, it's not questioned. Science is there to end explanations and answer questions.
    I beg to differ. Even the Chucrh has a hard time facing up to scientific evidence...

    [Galileo was labeled a heretic and sentenced to life imprisonment and his work was burned when he proposed the theory that the earth traveled through space... All through he nineteenth century, the Church attacked Darwin's theory of evolution.

    In 1992, 350 years after his death, a papal commission admitted the Vatican's error in opposing Galileo. In 1996, 114 after his death, the Vatican once again admitted it was wrong in opposing Charles Darwin.]


    So maybe it takes a centruy or so, but eventually scientific evidence is accepted, but definitely not at first. Anybody remember what the Dark Ages were about and why?

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    The dark ages were a time when the church (roman catholic i think) basically opressed all scientific studies thus hindering advancment. They would label anyone with a scientific mind that questions the RCC a heretic and kill them, actually they would torture them first, and if they admitted to being a heretic then they would let you live in a dungeon until you died. I don't agree with this use of the church, but I am very religious.

    I have jesus in my heart.

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    God is in the TV
    - Marilyn Manson

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