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Thread: Increase hits

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    Originally posted here by bilo86
    And using the refresh page every 3 seconds is a bad idea, it will get the visitor really mad.
    Sorry, I meant to add that you'd increment the counter *before* you uploaded your site, that way the visitors wouldn't notice, i.e. you'd store the page on your local machine and reload it constantly from there.
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    My website is in the following setup: index.html?page=[x] so whenever a link is clicked they are sent to the index.html and the page is opened in a window. So I put a counter on the index.html page and every visitor I get, I get an average of about 5 hits...

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    Good script..... I used something like that back in the day when my sites sucked..... *lol*


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    another way to do it is to stick you website somewhere everyone will see...and might goto *hint hint* your signature
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