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    Operations to Cycles

    I was just currently reading the thread about the supercomputer but had no idea what a Gigaflop was. I then proceeded to look it up, but I cannot figure out the difference between cycles persecond "hertz" and operations per second "flops" Can someone please tell me what is the difference if any, and how do they compare. Flop > Hertz, Hertz > Flop? What I did find out though is Gigaflop = 1 billion operations per second, Gigahertz = 1 billion cycles per second. Well, that is it.

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    gigaflop = 1 billion floating point operations per second.

    think of a hertz as a clock pulse, and an operation as what your computer actually does within that clock pulse.

    i hope that answers your question
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    In case anyone is curious

    How Microprocessors Work
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