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Thread: AO Server

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    AO Server

    Yo. I have been coming to antionline for months now and I have always noticed the very very slow downloads I get off this site. Where is this site hosted? Mars? Is there anyone else out there who experiences long wait times for pages to load?

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    JP spent a lot of time converting the sites database so that it would go fatser, and it has worked...... If its slow for you you can do one of two things....

    1. Get a better connection because the one you have right now must be pure crap, or,
    2. Leave the site, if you dont like it dont use it... How hard is that to understand?

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    actualy AO *has* been really slow lately... but thats because hes getting the database ready for the new SUN box he ordered w00t.... its gonna run fast as lightning pretty soon

    so be patiant

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    True that AO has been slower then a dial up connection while downloading a movie in Kazaa

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    Originally posted here by freeOn

    True that AO has been slower then a dial up connection while downloading a movie in Kazaa


    Why the hell did bilo86 recieve a whack of -points for saying the site is slow? The mind boggles..............

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    I too was having connection issues during the small hours of sunday/monday - and before anyone flames my computer or connection I suggest looking at the trace below.


    Tracing route to antionline.com []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 120 ms 110 ms 110 ms python.lns.birmingham.access.planet.net.uk [195.
    2 100 ms 110 ms 110 ms PBR-1.BRM.AS5388.NET []
    3 110 ms 110 ms 110 ms gigabitethernet4-0.london2-cr4.bbnplanet.net [21]
    4 120 ms 110 ms 100 ms p1-0.london2-cr3.bbnplanet.net []

    5 180 ms 181 ms 170 ms p2-0.phlapa1-br1.bbnplanet.net []

    6 211 ms 180 ms 180 ms p15-0.phlapa1-br2.bbnplanet.net []
    7 200 ms 180 ms 180 ms so-0-0-0.washdc3-nbr2.bbnplanet.net [
    8 180 ms 190 ms 181 ms p2-0.washdc3-cr12.bbnplanet.net []
    9 190 ms 181 ms 180 ms POS2-1.BR3.DCA6.ALTER.NET []
    10 190 ms 181 ms 190 ms 0.so-3-1-0.XL1.DCA6.ALTER.NET []
    11 230 ms 190 ms 180 ms POS6-0.GW1.DCA6.ALTER.NET []
    12 cisco2611.antionline.net [] reports: Destination net unreach

    Trace complete.

    The current time is: 21:38:27.44
    Enter the new time:

    The current date is: Sun 2002/04/28
    I sent this in yesterday to webmaster@AO (I couldn't get the site up so I was just hoping that it would get through to /someone/). And hey-presto, we seem to be ok again this morning.

    In terms of general loading speeds, sure it's a tad slow, but it's generally well worth the wait. Roll on the SUN box
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    Yeah, I've noticed it's been slow for a while, but has recently actually gotten better for me. My connnections are pretty solid, for the most part... I just attributed it to the site being so busy/popular that it was taking a bit to get a response from the webserver.

    In any case, the singla to nose ratio is normally decent enough that I don't mind (*grin*) - unless, of course, the post/thread is entitled "woot" or linuxcommando is busy sending people to that (in)famous newbie page. ROFLMAO

    In any case, glad to hear there's even more hardware on the way to support my/our habits. *grin*
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    I haven't noticed anything going slower. Maybe I just visit during non-peak times, but for me it's been really good 99% of the time - I have no complaints. If you look at what has to be created dynamically for each page you visit, you have to say that it is pretty quick. I am actually impressed. I reckon JP has done a good job with it all, so as I said, no complaints here, just good feedback from me.

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    yeah i think it's slo but that can depend on mine isdn connection
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    oh well it's not slow ALL the time...and plus..u can live with it, think about the first people who had like 14.4k dialups! they probably had to wait much longer than you did.
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