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    DoD Logistic's Agency's database

    Article can be found here http://www.securitynewsportal.com/cg...one&id=43&op=t

    Hackers snatch the Dept of Defense Logistic's Agency's database
    Databases posted on hacker defacement sites
    04-26-2002 2:25:55 PM CST -- from the SNP Mail box

    The hacking group called The Deceptive Duo, has hacked today into some military servers belonging to the Department of Defense (Defense Logistics Agency) gaining access to some databases and posting them to the defaced pages. As it can be easily checked here :

    The databases are reported to contain names, passwords, phone numbers and codes to presumed employees of the Department of Defence, including some codes which are referring to the database of some recorded conversations of the Department of Defense employees (like the system which is in place to record the stock market purchase orders over the broker's phone).

    I say this is a kick in the teeth for the DoD
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    its as good an excuse as any.

    id rather it be them than the chinese.

    I say this is a kick in the teeth for the DoD

    and a well deserved kick it is. this is my security we're talking about.
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