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Thread: FreeBSD or OpenBSD ?

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    Question FreeBSD or OpenBSD ?

    Hello pals.....

    After having my thread (whether i should use linux or BSD) answered by u, i have at last planned to go for a BSD distro(i was planning to go for FBSD).But while browsing the net i saw an article on 'why you should use BSD instead of linux',in that it was said that OpenBSD was more secure than FreeBSD.Now again i have confusion,whether i should go for OpenBSD or the other one.I want a true Unix experience and cannot compramise on security. Is FreeBSD that insecure ?I had enquired about FreeBSD an d found that it suits my needs and supports my hardware( atleast i think so).But i have the following doubts about OpenBSD.There are a wide range of programs that are available for FreeBSD, are these programs compatible with OpenBSD ?Does it support all these products ?Does OPBSD support all types of hardware (my config: P III,Mercury 810e FSFx motherboard,onboard sound CMI8738( FBSD supports it), an HP 640c printer and am planning to buy an internal modem also) or is it still in the development stage ?Is OPBSD stable or is it more stable than FBSD ?I want to run Java SDK (ver 1.4) on the new distro.Does OPBSD support java ?I have heard that FBSD is often used as a web server and that it makes a good desktop also.Does OBSD make a good desktop ?I am an engg student in Computer science and engg.Which distro will fulfill my needs (I do a bit of programming and all that stuff ) best ? FBSD supports linux binaries ,does the same apply for OPBSD.Is there a package manager for OPBSD(i am a linux user and a package manager makes the work lot easy ;-) ).Does it support rpm's ?Is there any differences in the commands used by linux and BSD's in general ? Which distro has least bugs , is updated regularly and also is well documented ?I want to utilise my PC to its maximum level and have the full control.I know that this is not the right place to ask these type of questions, but u pals with a lot more experience can be really helpful to me.So kindly clarify my doubts.Thanx in advance.

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    Open BSD is probably the most secure operating system out right now, except form maybe Irix. The problem is that it doesn't support much. It is hardware specifice, and a lot of programs will not run on it. If you are trying to set up a firewall or something, open BSD is a good choice (although they dropped support for the good firewall they had). For just about anything else, I would suggest FreeBSD.
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    I would stick with Linux, OpenBSD doesn't support a lot (yet) and much has to be done.
    Ok if you want a firewall then OpenBSD is an option, IPF has been replaced by PF since 3.0.
    For example OpenBSD 3.1 will (finally) support Creative soundblaster cards, and Intel NIC's are still not supported.
    Stuff like that.

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    If it's a choice for a gateway I'd go with OpenBSD but if you are going to do anything on the system then FreeBSD is the way to go. And yes it has a really nice Linux emulator built in. Most of what I try to run straight off the net for Linux runs on my FreeBSD box... most.
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    I find that I'm prone to FreeBSD. I've had few issues with the OS itself, though I had found a glaring bug in the telnet daemon from the time I installed it. As it turns out, the daemon was easily subject to a buffer overflow which would arbitrarily log the exploiter in as root. Took about an hour and a half to get all new sources and rebuild, and issue resolved.
    I tried openBSD and found that most of the hardware I had wouldn't work either, so I was rather put out by that.
    FreeBSD will also offer multiple OS support. Linux emulation and binary compatiblily, openBSD binary compatibility and so on. Most anything you need is available to you..
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    We all know that OpenBSD is the most secure operating system currently available. But, the FreeBSD 4.5 release is also very secure. So either way is good. FreeBSD probably has more support and more users. FreeBSD supports SMP, OpenBSD does not yet. FreeBSD is probably the fastest OS you could run on x86 platforms. FreeBSD is easier to install than OpenBSD is.

    For a workstation, FreeBSD.

    For a server, OpenBSD.

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    Well i have been messing with FreeBSD 4.5 kernel and the power is unlimited. Was having a rootwars with some friends and found that their are a couple things you can do to get root, if you have an account on the box.
    However OpenBSD is still my choise for "best" os. I mean you can pretty much compile anything to run on it. And if you are running linux binary support you can run all linux stuff too.
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    Why not NetBSD

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