Using a partition program such as Powerquest Partition Magic, an entire NTFS hard drive can be converted to FAT from NTFS. This conversion removes all NTFS file and folder security. Once the conversion from NTFS to FAT is complete, a DOS based operating system can be used to access all previous NTFS protected files and folders.

A DOS bootable disk can be made using Partition Magic that allows the program to boot the computer into DOS to run the DOS version of Partition Magic. From there a user can convert all NTFS partitions from NTFS to FAT 16 or FAT 32. As far as I know, there are two ways to prevent this type of access. Boot the system to BIOS setup and disable floppy read/write access. Then set a password for the BIOS to prevent any BIOS settings from being changed. Unfortunately not all BIOS have these security features, especially in OEM boxes or laptops.

Of course there are ways around the BIOS protection. The case could be opened and the small dime shaped battery removed, wait a few seconds, and replace the battery. This procedure resets the BIOS including the password etc.