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Thread: Checkpoint Policy Problem

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    Checkpoint Policy Problem

    We have recently upgraded our CP management console from Solaris 2.7 to 8 in 32-bit mode. Since the upgrade, we can no longer install a policy by issuing the 'fw load' command from the command line. We keep gettting a 'segmentation fault' error message.

    When installing the policy via the GUI, everything works fine. It is very critical for us to be able to load policy from the command line because the people who push the policies not have write access to the management box, and instead run a script using sudo that pushes the policy.

    Someone please let me know ASAP if you know what might be causing the segmentation faults.

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    I don't know. But, have you checked your typical install directories and made sure when you upgraded that ckp did not dump some bin file in a different directory or burn some of your path?

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