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Thread: Article: Anti-Theft Chip Detonation

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    Article: Anti-Theft Chip Detonation

    Blowing up the chip in a stolen mobile phone or laptop computer could stop thieves using it, scientists say! Read it here.
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    Question bad idea

    While this would be good for users who lose (or are robbed) their phone to keep a thief from using it, wouldn't this be an easy way for someone with malicious intentions to destroy the cell phone of any user they wanted. Surely someone would figure a way to do this. Sounds like this could result in more damage than good.

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    With this, nobody would be allowed past airport security...

    Terrorist: I'd like to check in my bags...
    Airline Personal: Are you carrying on that box?
    Terrorist: Yes...
    Airline Personal: All set, please go to the airplane!

    Then, On the plane...

    Terrorist: There's enough people... I should open the box...
    Passenger1: Uh-oh... My phone is beeping!
    Passenger2: Ahhhh! My Gameboy Advance!
    Airplane Pilot: My Palm Pilot With Navigational Assistant!
    Terrorist: Whoops... Guess My Box Had One Too...

    After a Fiery Explosion...

    News Reporter: ...after what appears to have been a terrorist explosion. Airline personal have said that no high-explosive bombs have been brought aboard, but there was an unknown beeping shortly before the explosion...

    I gotta go... It could be trouble...


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