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Thread: A Different Way of Looking at Linux Security

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    A Different Way of Looking at Linux Security

    Executives at Linux security company Cylant say the computer security industry is engaged in a "conspiracy of sorts," or at least a conspiracy of ignorance, in taking a reactive approach to fighting vulnerabilities. Read it here.
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    Well, I got to the paragraph that said:
    Cylant is pitching its CylantSecure server monitoring product as an alternative to the virus-runs-wild-then-release-patch cycle practiced by most security companies. CylantSecure for Linux, what the company calls a "host-based intrusion detection system," is a real-time monitoring system that immediately notifies the server's sysadmin when something funky is happening that shouldn't be.
    And had immediately formed an opinion that the article was simply there to generate press. After having read the whole article though, I think that that quick assumption was rather justified. The article discusses not the whole prospect of that approach to security, but is more like a review written by a user.
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    I agree with chsh. Sales pitch disguised as an infomercial.

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