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Thread: Win XP & AOE II

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    Question Win XP & AOE II

    Well I recently upgraded my system from Win 98se to WIN XP professional.

    I had AOE II: The conquerors installed in Win98 which workeds perfectly.
    But now when I start the game The screen just keeps on flickering. I tried re-installing the game.
    but it does not work. I had the same problem with Windows 2000 executive server,
    which I had to completely remove so I could play AOE II. I downloaded a patch from Ensemble studios site.
    but when I run the patch it says Commercial version not installed. Now I received the AOE II cd as a gift,
    So I cannot be certain of its authenticity or genuineness.

    Is there Anyway I can run the game which works perfectly in win98 in Win XP. I have tried, changing screen resolutions.
    also Monitor refresh rates, and other weird solutions like even changing monitors with another machine.

    my config is

    PIII 1.1 GHz
    128 MB SDRAM
    i810 motherboard with 4m on board AGP (at least thats what it says on manual)
    40 Gb HDD

    Please if you have any solution do reply...
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    I've had Age of Empires II running in Win XP Home, so I don't know if this will solve your problem, but right-clicking the executable AoE-file, selecting properties, Compatibility, Compatibility Mode should do the job.... To solve this kinda problems before they occur, I recommend BigFix . Don't know if 4MB of video mem is enough to run the game though...

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    Try the compatibility mode.

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    I have tried this "compatibility" mode. It is very crappy, and has never worked for me!

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    Holy crap time for a new video card u can pick up a decent geforceti for 90 bucks
    and then 2 words Empire Earth

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    Have you downloaded the patch? A lot of old games wonít run on XP with out a patch. If nothing else you could always make a windows 98 partition.
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