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Thread: High price for Linux on PS2

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    High price for Linux on PS2

    Sony will release the long-awaited Linux kit for the PlayStation 2 at the end of May - but it will come with a hefty price tag attached. Read it here.
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    stupid Sony--they don't care about open source or anti-MicroShit, they just wanna make money. I'll bet that pretty soon they'll release a WinXP equivalent for PS2 that will be shipped w/ every single one, just like PCs.

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    Angry What's with the hostility?

    That's kind of a reactionary attitude, NetwrkBurn. Do you just despise 'big corporations' making money? How do you think things work? Just FYI, M$ actually were ALMOST in negotiations with Nintendo to BUY THE WHOLE COMPANY, and it was actually considered for a while... the story is at www.gamers.com if you care to check it out. But hey, Nintendo is a multi-billion dollar company also, so you probably have a pre-concieved notion about them, too...
    EVERYONE wants to make money, especially 'big business'...that is how they get 'big' in the first place, and more power to them, IMO. It's how they use it is what matters. Sony, I think, is just looking for ways to involve more of the talent out there than normal...what is the problem with that? And just in case you didn't know, most games are developed under Mac software, second in line being Windows... The Linux pack that they are offering is almost ground-breaking as indie programmers allows virtual nobodies to play around with the hardware capabilities and develop programs of their own, beit 128-bit solitaire or whatever...
    At least it's a doorway into what is normally restricted to 'licensed' developers, etc...

    If you wish to continue bitching and moaning about how 'big business' is evil, then I suggest you walk to work, buy store-brand food(even though those are made by 'big' companies and 'licensed' to your local grocer), don't use your phone, don't use ANY of your appliances...or hell, not even your utilities at all... , don't connect to the internet, don't blah blah blah...
    EVERYONE, AND EVERY COMPANY, WANTS TO MAKE MONEY, FOR THIS IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF OUR ECONOMY. Piss and moan all you want, but it will continue. Once in a while, businesses will get busted for being to secretive (think Microsoft), and sometimes businesses will get away with it until it's too late (think Enron). Caveat Emptor, always, but consider all that you have due to the functions of 'big business'.

    Or aren't you old enough to need to worry about 'your' own bills and responsibilities yet, tool?


    BTW...Wal-Mart/Sam's Club was not too long ago named as the richest company in the country...if you step through the door to buy a pack of gum, it will qualify you as a hypocrite, so think before you speak. I disapprove of M$ myself, but only at a fundamental level of ethics and outright bitchiness when it comes to licensing and patents, but that's their right, as it should be. As many people, including myself, have said..."If you don't like it, don't buy it..." That is our role, being the 'little people' in this whole game...it is useless to bitch about it and not act on it.

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