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Thread: News: Deceptive Duo Strikes Again

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    News: Deceptive Duo Strikes Again

    Seems that a lot of high profile sites have been "visited" recently by the Deceptive Duo and each time a calling card is left. They have defaced numerous military web sites, online banks and other gov't sites. Here's a list of the sites they've attacked so far.

    Their mission is to "locate and scan critical cyber-components of The United States of America for vulnerabilities creating a foreign threat, while remaining undetected. Once located, publicly inform those who deserve to know the extent of incompetence that lies between foreign lines and the United States Administration."
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    Thatís quite an impressive list. Banks are usually pretty good about security compared to most corporations.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    These guys must be real good. And to the point where no one has caught them is beyond me.

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