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Thread: Location for Hotline 1.8.3 Client

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    Angry Location for Hotline 1.8.3 Client

    [blur]Please Help Me!!!![/blur]
    I've been looking for about a year and a half now trying to find Hotline 1.8.3 Client. I've used everything from search engines to P2P download programs. I can't find it anywhere. I had it once on a computer but the computer burned up (Literally) and I've yet to find Hotline. If anyone Koule help me with my Prob I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Download it from www.tucows.com

    The version they have is 1.8.5

    Hope the version number works for you. i've made it a point to not go searching for older/obsoleted software.

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    Exclamation Older is Sometimes Better

    I have found version 1.8.1 and the prob i have with it is it comes up saying the version is out of date and closes the thing down Version 1.8.5 trackers refuse to work every time I try to connect [shadow][glowpurple]I was capable of finding every version except the 1.8.3 which in my personal opinion I think was the best. [/shadow]
    [/glowpurple] [glowpurple]can someone help me figure out how to connect without being refused on 1.8.5 or where i can get 1.8.3 [/glowpurple]
    [pong][gloworange][glowpurple]Thanx to those who Kan help and those who Try[/glowpurple] [/gloworange] [/pong]

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