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    In America, we speak highly of the goal of
    racial and ethnic diversity.

    We could learn from the history of other nations
    who have tried to manage a multi-ethnic state:

    Domestic Policy: Divide and Rule
    The strength of the Dual Monarchy lay in its vastness, its virtual economic self-sufficiency, and its opportunities for commercial intercourse from the Swiss border to the Carpathians. Its weakness was less in its ethnic diversity than in the unequal treatment accorded to its minorities in the spirit of the maxim “Divide and rule.” Of the Slavic elements the Czechs and Serbs were the most disaffected. The efforts of the Taaffe ministry to satisfy Czech demands failed. The Italian minority was won to the Italian nationalist cause (see irredentism). The Romanians of Transylvania had bitter grievances against their Hungarian masters. 5
    As nationalist movements gained within the empire, they enlarged their demands from cultural autonomy to full independence and ultimately broke up the monarchy. These movements existed not only in the oppressed provinces, but also among Hungarian extremists, who desired total independence, and among Austrian Pan-Germans, who advocated the union of German-speaking Austria with Germany. 6
    The greatest danger to the monarchy probably was Pan-Slavism, spreading from Serbia and encouraged by Russia among the South Slavs. Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the throne, apparently had a project by which Croatia was to become the nucleus of a third, South Slavic, partner in the monarchy; his assassination (1914) at Sarajevo cut short this hope and precipitated World War I.
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    i think its different here in the states. Its been my impression that ethnic communities are formed only when a people first immigrate, after a period of adjustment they integrate into the mainstream and spread out across the country. Places like Chinatown continue to exist because there are always new people coming in to replace the ones moving out.

    Irish communities, became itailian communities which became Spanish communities. At least from what I have seen.
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    The U.S. can't learn anything from that, my friend. The circumstances surrounding the U.S. and it's foundation make for a completely different story. Not to mention we aren't next-door neighbors to Russia, that makes a huge difference.
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    Maybe people could just learn to get along. Then we would have much less need for laws to force them to.

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