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Thread: Ad-Aware Remover/Trojanwannabe

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    Ad-Aware Remover/Trojanwannabe

    Interesting article. Seems malicious programs have a problem with anti-spyware programs now.



    Read them.

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    nice update on an old issue Kat, great heads up greenies for you

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    on second thought looks like I gotta wait on the greenies

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    I'll give you greenies for that.
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    Thanks for the tip, havent been over to lavasoft for awhile, just downloaded their version 5.8.

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    Wow, That sucks... Spyware trying to remove ad-ware... LOL
    This is the beggining of a new era
    Greenies for you

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    Is spyware or this kind of activity in a program considered illegal and can any legal actions be taken against the person who made this type of program...?

    Couldnt this be considered some what illegal in any way?
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    Originally posted here by Ratman2
    on second thought looks like I gotta wait on the greenies
    Someone has nailed me with neg points for this. The reason I had to hold off was because I had already assigned Kat some points in another post (and forgot about doing it) so I have to spread my points around again.

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    just installed ad-aware 5.8, and i was suprised at the crap that it found in my registry. I "tested" ad-aware after install and was a bit disappointed that it didn't stop pop-up ads tho. Is this a feature in the licensed version?

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    Radlight 3.03 R5

    Legal actions?

    I prefer Denial of Service


    Have fun

    BTW Adaware has an auto-update option... Could be useful!
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