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    I forgot sumthing, for pop-ups, cookies and http requests filtering

    proxomitron on GGgggggggooooogllllllllleeeee

    if you aren't good enough, they offer "non-free" alternatives

    have fun messing your connection!
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    i just got zone alarm pro 3.0 blocks ads, cookies...etc. seeing a lot of netbios on port 139. gonna do a little more investigating on that one...
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    Originally posted here by NetSyn
    Is spyware or this kind of activity in a program considered illegal and can any legal actions be taken against the person who made this type of program...?

    Couldnt this be considered some what illegal in any way?
    I think this program had some kind of warning in its license that said it would delete Ad-aware if you installed. I don't know about the legality part, but it certainly is tricky.
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