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Thread: Ananomyous Proxy Servers

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    Ananomyous Proxy Servers

    Proxy servers are like the the buffer between you and the internet. now some proxy servers mask you ip adress now HOW?

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    Hm.... im not sure this is just a guess. When you send a request to go to a site to the proxy server, the proxy server gets the site for you, and forwards it to you therefore you never have any interaction with the website itself. The Proxy server acts like a forwarding service.. That is the only logical thing i can think the proxy server wud do.
    Any of u gurus out there know if this is right?

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    simplified: it's like giving a message to someone who rewrites it with their address to give to someone else in their name. If they get a reply, they send the reply back to you.

    bit more complex: Your computer sends a message to the proxy server that you want to go somewhere. The server processes the address, and then sends out a request to that site for the page, using its own ip in place of yours. Any http/ftp/etc. replies it gets back it sends to your computer. Certain requests to do things like get your browser type or OS are processed and responded to by the proxy instead of being sent back to your computer for processing. As long as you use the proxy, anyone on the other side of the proxy will only see it, and not you.

    Sorry if that wasn't clear enough, I'm to tired to be more detailed or coherent. Hope this helps though.
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    I am confused here NetwrkBurn excuse me am old you started a thred on how C is more stable the VB here. Then post this one if you do not know what a proxy server does I have to sit back and say this fish is not gonna byte line. I'd say from your posts that others here may not apperciate them then again I'm old is just an old mans guess. Me I'm going fishing is a beautiful evening here the water minutes away.
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    ok easiest explination is same as using an instant messanger -

    you --ur msg--> IM SERVER --ur msg--> Friend
    Friend --reply-->IM SERVER --reply--> you

    so when you look at netstat or whatever you are seeing the server's ip not your friends, I think this is basically the same as a proxy? But not all proxies are annomous as some log the traffic that goes through them.


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    Ummmm, I am getting really messed up here. I am starting to think this guy is from Greece. Anyway, I looked at his profile....

    OS Unix,Windows,Novell,Dos,Mac
    yeah, can tell from the questions.....

    Skill Set Netwok Administration,Penetration Testing, Vulnerablity assessment
    ok, so he knows how to do pen testing, but not how to compromise a box......

    Work Experience high school
    Occupation Internet security specilist for a car company
    so his experince is highschool, but he works at a car company??????? I feel VERY sorry for that car company

    And by far the best one of all:
    Biography have unix,lunix,windows 2k,mac os 9.8 on one computer
    what the hell is lunix? and HOW do you put Win2k and Mac OS 9.8 on one machine?????????? vmware or something? Yet the machine he currently uses is a dual pentium, so how did he install mac on that?????????

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    Yeah very suspicious.
    Well if his profile is correct then he can always make alot of money showing off his set up.
    I did not even know that Mac Os had a 9.8 the latest 9.X I've seen was a 9.2
    This thread is giving me a headache.
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    NetwrkBurn- I dont really understand why you are here ... you already asked how to hack threw ports and crap... then say u read tons of tech books.... and now u dont even know how a proxy works? and look at that CyberArmy rules with 31337 text.... ur just asking to be flamed, make a new name and start over again... everyone already has a low opinion of you!
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    lmao at that thread! Proxy me all! hehehe

    Want proxies? Use Proxyhunter! On the fringe of legality but works wonders and your proxies aren't outdated like those crappy lists everywhere on the net.

    Anyway, anybody knows other cool proxy scanner? I am looking for a CGI based one that I could set up on a "free" website to remain even more anonymous...

    Thanks from hell!
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