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Thread: VB worms

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    VB worms

    Why the hell are all the good worms written in visual basic c is so much more stable

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    Well I'd say cause VB takes little to figure out and filters take care of VBS and EXE very well as far as attachments go. Usually people into C are well beyond point click cut and paste. So can you explain to me and others how C is more stable the VB and it what areas? I'm just a newbie :-) here that is
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    Worms and VB

    There are no good worms.

    There are no good viruses.

    The end


    Did this thread have a point?

    Read them.

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    visual basic c is so much more stable
    Depends on the programmer more than anything.

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    Visual basic needs a lot of run time files to successfully run an application C doesnt have this problem unless you dont have certain hash files

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    Yeah, As keisha said there is no suck thing as a good worm (unless its Proof of Concept ) But cwk9 is right, It all depends on the programmer.... Windows programmes use mainly VBS and C/C++.... But when you look at any flavor of Linux you see that it is better even though they use almost the same exact languages... It all depends on whos coding the worm/OS/program

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