I'm looking at putting together a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) box for myself here at home. I've found the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hdd, etc., etc. ... the problem is this: I really like the case because of its TINY size (read: 4 1/2 height AGP/PCI slots on the case), but at the same time this is causing a real problem for me. Does anyone know of a 1/2-height AGP TV Tuner card that is compatible with Linux? I already have a full-height 2X AGP ATI AIW in my other box (massive and lots of fans, etc); I'm just looking for a new card that will do the following:
* Must be 1/2 height form factor.
* AGP is great; AGP 4X compatibility is fantastic.
* Must have onboard hardware DVD decoding (as this box will be used for DVD viewing also).

... and that's about it. Any ideas? Shuttle's SV24 and SS50/40 are simply too expensive - the case was $20, mb $20, memory I had laying around, as well as a hdd, DVD drive, and the rest.

Any personal experience in this would be GREAT to hear about, as this is my first shot at this kind of "computer-***-component" build ... but I've been building PC's for about 15 years now, so I definitely am not a newbie at this.