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    Usefull acronyms and stuff

    SSA Some Stupid Acronyms
    AA ************alcoholics anonymous
    AAAAAA ********american asociation against acronym abuse anonymous
    ADN ************Advanced Digital Network
    ADN ************any day now
    ADSL **********asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
    AFAIK **********as far as I know
    AFK ************away from keyboard
    AFSMG **********alt.fan.sarah-m-gellar
    AGP ************Accelerated Graphics Port
    A$O*************S$$ hole
    AKA ************also known as
    altho **********although
    AMD ************Advanced Mirco Devices
    ANSI **********american National Standards Institute
    API ************Application Programming Interface
    APPLE **********a perverted person licks everything
    ARPA **********advanced Research Projects Agency
    ASAP **********as soon as possible
    ASCII **********American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    ASH ************Anthony Stewart Head
    ASP ************Active Server Pages.
    ATM ************At The Moment
    **************asynchronous Transfer Mode
    **************automatic Teller Machine
    AWGTHTGTTA? ****are we going to have to go through this again?
    BAD ************broken as designed
    BAMF **********bad a$$ed mother *****er
    BAS ************big a$$ smile
    BBC ************bring back buffy campaign
    **************b*gger! b*llocks! cr*p!
    ***** *********b*stard b*llucking c*nts
    ******** ******belligerent buffy cutters
    *********** ***blo*dy b*ggered corporation
    ************* *blo*dy b*tchy corporation
    ********* *****blo*dy bigheaded corporation
    ********* *****blo*dy blundering catastrophe.
    ************ **british b*ggered corporation
    ************ **brunettes? blondes? condoms!
    BBIAS **********be back in a second
    BBL ************be back later
    BBN ************bye bye now
    BBR ************burnt beyond repair
    BBS ************be back soon
    BBS ************Bulletin Board System
    BF ************ bfriend
    BFD ************big *****ing deal
    BFN ************bye for now
    BG ************boody git
    BIBO **********beer in, beer out
    bin ************binary
    BIOS **********basic Input-Output System
    BIOYA **********blow it out your a$$
    BIT ************Binary digIT
    BOHICA ********bend over, here it comes again
    BPS ************Bits-Per-Second
    BRB ************be right back
    BRS ************big red switch
    BTA ************but then again
    BTDTGTS ********been there, done that, got the T-shirt
    BTSOOM ********beats the sh*t out of me
    BTVS **********buffy: The Vampire Slayer
    BTW ************by the way
    BWL ************bursting with laughter
    C&G ************chuckle and grin
    CC ************cordelia Chase
    ************** charisma Carpenter
    CD-ROM ********compact Disc - Read-Only Memory
    CFV ************call for voting
    CGI ************Common Gateway Interface
    CIAC **********computer Incident Advisory Center
    CICO **********coffee in, coffee out
    CID ************crying in disgrace
    CLI ************Command Line Interface
    CNP ************continued (in my) next post
    CP ************chat post
    CPU ************Central Processing Unit
    CRAFT **********can't remember a *****ing thing
    CRBT **********crying real big tears
    CSG ************chuckle, snigger, grin
    CSS ************Cascading Style Sheets.
    CU ************see you
    CUA ************Commonly Used Acronym(s)
    **************common User Access
    CUBIC **********Complete Uncut Buffy Internet Campaign
    CYA ************see ya
    CYAL8R ********see ya later
    DARFC **********ducking and running for cover
    DBMS **********data Base Management System
    DETLA ******double Extended Three Letter Abbreviation
    DH ************dear Husband
    ************** dick Head
    DHTML **********Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language.
    DIIK **********damned if I know
    DILLIGAF? ******does it look like I give a *****?
    DIY ************Do It Yourself
    DLL ************Dynamic Link Library
    DLP ************Digital Light Processor
    DLTBBB ********Don't let the bed bugs bite
    DNS ************Domain Name Server
    DOA ************Dead On Arrival
    DOS ************Disk Operating System
    DSL ************Digital Subscriber Line.
    DSSSL **********Document Style Semantics and Specification Language.
    DSTN **********Dual Scan Twisted Nemonic
    DSVD **********Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data
    DTP ************DeskTop Publishing
    DTRT **********Do the right thing
    DVD ************Digital Versatile Disk
    DWIMC **********do what I mean, correctly
    EAK ************eating at keyboard
    EBCDIC extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
    Eh? ************a general point of expression when you don't know WTF someone is talking about
    EMSG **********mail message
    ESAD **********eat sh*t and die
    ESADMF ********eat S**t and die mother *****er
    ETLA **********extended Three Letter Acronym
    FAQ ************Frequently Asked Questions
    ************Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers.)
    FC ************fingers crossed
    FFA ************free for all
    FIIK ***************ed if I know
    FLA ************four letter abbreviation
    **************five letter abbreviation
    FOAD *************** off and die!
    FOADUPOS *********** off and die you pile of sh*t!
    FOADUWOS *********** off and die you waste of skin!
    FOAF **********friend of a friend
    FOFL **********falling on floor laughing
    FOS ************freedom of speech
    **************full of sh*t
    FRED ***************ing ridiculous electronic device
    FROA **********ferengi Rules of Aquisition
    FTBOMH ********from the bottom of my heart
    FTF ************Face-To-Face (as IRL)
    FTP ************File Transfer Protocol
    FU ***************** you!
    *******************ed up
    FUBAR ***************ed up beyond all repair
    *******************ed up beyond all recognition
    FUD ************fear, uncertainty, and disinformation
    FULSP *************** you little s****y pervert
    FURTB **********full up ready to burst
    FWIW **********for what it's worth
    FYDITM ************* you directly in the mouth
    FYI ************for your information
    GAF ************give a *****
    GAFIA **********get away from it all
    GAL ************get a life
    GB ************gigabyte
    GF ************girlfriend
    GFN ************gone for now
    GFY ************go ***** yourself
    GG ************gotta go
    GIGO **********garbage In, Garbage Out
    GIWIST ********gee, I wish I'd said that
    GLGH **********good luck and good hunting
    GMBA **********giggling my butt off
    GMTA **********great minds think alike
    GR ************grim Reaper
    GR ****&D ******Grinning, Running, & Ducking (alternatively GD&R)
    GSM ************Global System for Mobile communicators
    GTSY **********glad to see you
    GUI ************Graphical User Interface
    GW ************getting wet
    H&K ************hugs and kisses
    HABU **********have a better 'un
    HAGD **********have a great day
    HAGN **********have a good night
    HAGU **********have a good 'un
    HAND **********have a nice day
    HHIS **********hangs head in shame
    HRT ************hormone replacement therapy
    HTH ************hope this helps
    HTML **********hyperText Markup Language
    HTTP **********hyperText Transfer Protocol
    HTVS **********hannah: The Vampire Slayer
    HUB ************head up butt
    IAC ************in any case
    IAE ************in any event
    IANAL **********I am not a lawyer
    IC ************ I see
    ICBW **********I could be wrong
    **************it could be worse
    ICQ ************I seek you
    IDGAS **********I don't give a sh*t
    IDTT **********I'll drink to that!
    IDWTMAT ********I don't want to miss a thing
    IGP ************I gotta pee
    IIRC **********if I recall correctly
    IIS ************Internet Information Server.
    IITYWIMIWHTKY **if I tell you what it means, I will have to kill you
    IITYWIMWYBMAD? if I tell you what it means, will you buy me a drink?
    IITYWIMWYFM? **if I tell you what it means, will you ***** me?
    IKWYDLS ********I Know What You Did Last Summer
    ILY ************I love you
    IMAO **********in my arrogant opinion
    IMAP **********internet Message Access Protocol.
    IMCO **********in my considered opinion
    IMHO **********in my humble opinion
    **************in my honest opinion
    IMNSHO ********in my not so humble opinion
    IMO ************in my opinion
    IMOBO **********in my own biased opinion
    IMVBO **********in my very biased opinion
    INPO **********in no particular order
    IOW ************in other words
    IP ************Internet Protocol
    IRDA **********infra-Red Data Association port
    IRL ************in real life
    ISDN **********it still does nothing
    ISKWYDLS *****I* Still Know What You Did Last Summer
    ISTR ********** I seem to recall
    ISWYM **********I see what you mean
    IWALU **********I will always love you
    IWBNI **********it would be nice if
    IYKWIM *******if you know what I mean
    J/K ************joking
    JAMIE **********jugs are massive in England
    JCIATWLWNBTDTBAWGLLACJ **Jamie Cheetham is a time-wasting loser with nothing better to do than be annoying with great long lists and crap jokes )
    JIC ************just in case
    JK ************Just kidding
    JLH ************Jennifer Love Hewitt
    JMO ************just my opinion
    JTLYK **********just to let you know
    JTYWTK ********just thought you wanted to know
    KIT ************keep in touch
    KMA ************kiss my a$$
    KMQ ************kiss me quick
    KMYF **********kiss me you fool
    KOC ************kiss on cheek
    KOL ************kiss on lips
    L8R ************later
    L8R G8R ********later 'gater
    LAB ************life's a bitch
    LAMA **********look at my a$$
    LAMP **********look at my p*nis
    LART **********Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
    LCD ************Liquid Crystal Display
    LHM ************lord help me
    LHO ************laughing head off
    LHU ************lord help us
    LLTA **********lots and lots of thunderous applause
    LMAO **********laughing my a$$ off
    LMSO **********laughing my socks off
    LOL ************laughs out loud
    LSHMBB *******laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
    LSHMBH ********laughing so hard my belly hurts
    LSHTTARDML ****laughing so hard the tears are running down my leg
    LTNP *********long time no post
    LTNS **********long time no see
    LTS ************laughing to self
    LUWAMH ********love you with all my heart
    LY ************love ya
    Mb ************Megabyte
    MHBFY **********my heart bleeds for you
    MHOTY **********my hat's off to you
    MHz ************Megahertz
    MIME **********Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.
    MLA ************multiple letter acronym
    MMO ************Mobile MOdule
    MMX ************MultiMedia eXtensions
    MODEM **********MOdulator-DEModulator
    MOTAS **********member of the appropriate sex
    MOTOS **********member of the opposite sex
    MOTSS **********member of the same sex
    MTF ************more to follow
    MUA ************Mail User Agent
    MUD ************Multi-User Domain
    **************Multi-User Dungeon
    NADT **********Not a darn thing
    NETUA **********nobody ever tells us anything
    NFW ************no *****ing way!
    ng ************Newsgroup
    NKABOTFD ******Never Kill a Boy On The First Date
    NRN ************no reply necessary
    NYCTMI ********now you come to mention it
    OIC ************oh, I see
    OL ************Old lady (significant other)
    OM ************Old man (significant other)
    OOI ************out of interest
    OOMOOS ********out of Mind, Out of Sight
    OOTB **********out Of The Box (ie. brand new)
    OT ************off-topic
    OTB ************on the ball
    OTF ************on the floor
    OTOH **********on the other hand
    OTTH **********on the third hand
    OTTOMH ********off the top of my head
    PCMCIA ********Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
    People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
    PDA ************Personal Digital Assistant
    PDA ************Public Display of Affection
    PDQ ************Pretty Danm(ed) Quick(ly)
    PDS ************please don't shoot
    PFM ************please ***** me
    PG ************prophecy Girl
    **************parental guidence
    PHP ************Personal Home Page.
    PITA **********pain in the a$$
    PLOKTA ********press lots of keys to abort
    PM ************private message
    PMFJI **********pardon me for jumping in
    PMP ************peed my pants
    PNG ************Portable Network Graphics.
    POAHF **********put on a happy face
    PODF **********p*ss off d*ck face
    POP ************Post Office Protocol.
    POS ************pile of sh*t
    POV ************point of view
    PPP ************Point-to-Point protocol
    PS ***********post script
    PTL ************p*sses themselves laughing
    QT ************Cutie
    RAM ************Random Access Memory
    RFC ************Request For Comment
    ROFL **********Rolling on the floor laughing
    ROFLMAO ********ROTFL my a$$ off
    ROFLMAOAY ******ROTFL my a$$ off at you
    ROFLMAOBF ****ROTFL my a$$ off and breaking furniture
    ROFLMAOWTIME **ROTFL my a$$ off with tears in my eyes
    ROFLUTS ********ROTFL unable to speak
    ROM ************Read-Only Memory
    ROTFL **********rolls on the floor laughing
    ROTFLAHMS ******ROTFL and holding my side
    ROTFLAPMP ******ROTFL and peeing my pants
    ROTFLASTC ******ROTFL and scaring the cat
    ROTFLBTCUTS ****ROTFL biting the carpet unable to stop
    ROTFLMAO ******ROTFL, laughing my a$$ off
    ROTFLSHTB ******ROTFL so hard they burst
    RPG ************role playing games
    RSN ******real soon now can be meant sarcastically)
    RTF ************read the FAQ
    RTFF **********read the *****ing FAQ
    RTFFAQ ********read the *****ing FAQ
    RTFM **********Read the *****ing manual
    RTFQ **********Read the *****ing question
    **************read the full question
    RYFIM **********read your *****ing Information Manual
    S1,S2,S3, etc **Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, etc.
    SCNR **********sorry, could not resist
    SCSI **********small Computer Systems Interface
    SETE **********smiling ear to ear
    SFAIAA ********so far as I am aware
    SFLA **********stupid four letter acronym
    SHID **********slaps head in disgust
    SITD **********still in the dark
    SMA ************spank my ass
    SMOn ************serious mode on
    SMOff **********serious mode off
    SMOP **********small matter of programming
    SMTP **********Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
    SNAFU **********situation normal: all *****ed up
    SNERT **********snotty-nosed egotistical rude teenager
    SO ************Significant other
    SOB ******Do you really need *me* to explain this one?
    SOT ************short of time
    SOTMG **********short of time must go
    SPAM **********Sick person's advertisement
    SQL ************Structured Query Language.
    SSI ************Server-Side Include.
    SSL ************Secure Socket Layer.
    ST-DS9 ********Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    ST-TNG ********Star Trek: The Next Generation
    ST-TOS ********Star Trek: The Original Series
    ST-VOY ********Star Trek: Voyager
    SVGA **********Super Video Graphics Array
    SWAK **********Sealed with a kiss
    SWALK **********sealed with a loving kiss
    SWAS **********scientific wild a$$ guess
    SWL ************screaming with laughter
    SWMBO **********she who must be obeyed
    SYS ************see you soon
    SYSOP **********system operator
    TA ************Thanks again
    TAFN **********That's all for now
    TANJ **********There ain't no justice
    TANSTAAFL **There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
    TARDIS ********Time and relative dimensions in space
    TCOY **********Take care of yourself
    TCP/IP ********Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
    TDM ************too damn many
    TFT ************Thin Film Transistor
    TGIF **********Thank God it's Friday
    TGP ************thumbnail gallery posts
    the bin ********the binary newgroup
    tho ************though
    TIA ************thanks in advance
    TIATLG ********Truly, I am The Living God
    TIC ************tongue in cheek
    TIE ************take it easy
    TILII **********tell it like it is
    TLA ************three letter acronym such as this, see also ETLA and DETLA)
    TLG ************The Living God
    TNT ************till next time
    TOY ************thinking of you
    TPTB **********The powers that be
    TSR ************Terminate and Stay Resident program
    TTBOMK ********To the best of my knowledge
    TTFN **********Ta-ta for now
    TTL4N **********that's the lot for now
    TTTT **********to tell the truth
    TTYL **********talk to you later
    TWAIN **********technology without an important name
    TWIMC **********To Whom It May Concern
    TYVM **********thank you very much
    u/f ************unfortunately
    UCE ************Unsolicited Commerical E-mail
    UFG ************you *****ing git
    URL ************Uniform Resource Locator
    USB ************Universal Serial Bus
    VGA ************Video Graphics Array
    WAS ************wild a$$ guess
    WB ************welcome back
    WFM ************works for me
    WML ************Wireless Markup Language.
    WOFTAM ********waste of flaming time and money
    WRT ************with regard to
    WTF ************what the *****?
    WTFDIK ********what the ***** do I know?
    WTFIS **********what the ***** is this?
    WTFRUON ********what the ***** are you on?
    WTG ************way to go!
    WTH ************What The Hell!
    WTHRU **********who the hell are you?
    WTTH **********welcome To The Hellmouth
    WWW ************World-Wide Web
    WYGIWYPF ******what you get is what you pay for
    WYMM **********will you marry me?
    WYSIAYG ********what uou See is all you get
    WYSIWYG ********what you see is what you get
    XGA ************eXtended Graphics Array
    XML ************Extensible Markup Language
    XSL ************Extensible Stylesheet Language
    XSSI **********extended Server-Side Include
    YABA **********yet another bl*ody acronym
    YABSA **********yet another bl*ody stupid acronym!
    YBS ************you'll be sorry
    YG ************young gentleman
    YHBT **********you have been trolled
    YKYHBxTLW ******You Know You Have Been x Too Long When eg,
    YKYHBPQTLW - You Know You Have Been Playing Quake Too Long
    YL ************young lady
    YM ************young man
    YMMV **********your mileage may vary

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    o:-) :-) Angelic
    {\o/} Angel
    (\O/)(\O/) Angels
    >:-( Sngry
    |-I Asleep
    |-( Late night messages
    (::()::) bandaid
    :-) :) basic smiley, used with a sarcastic or joking statement
    :-{#} Braces
    :-{} Blowing a Kiss
    :-* Kiss...
    :-x Kiss kiss..
    \-o Bored
    :-c Bummed out
    :( ) Can't stop talking
    C=:-) Chef
    :*) Clowning
    &:-) Curly hair
    :' Crying
    :'-) Crying with joy
    :'-( Crying sadly
    :-9 Delicious, Yummy
    :-> Devilish
    ;-> Devilish wink
    >:) Devil smiley, which denotes an evil tone
    <:-) Dumb questions
    ;гд) Carl of Winthorpe's..."with my reputation" smiley... (implying lots of mustache tweaking and general frivolity!!)
    :*) Drunk
    :-6 Exhausted, wiped out
    :-( :( Frowning smiley. User did not like :that last statement or is upset or :depressed about something.
    ^5 High Five
    (((((name)))) Hug (cyber hug)
    (( )):** Hugs and kisses
    :-| :-I Indifferent smiley. Better than a :-( :but not quite as good as a :-) :Ambivalent
    :-$ Person is ill...
    :-# Lips are sealed message concerning something that shouldn't have been said...
    :~/ Mixed up
    #:-) Batted hair
    :-O Mouth open (surprised)
    :o)> Another open mouth smiley
    :-@ Screaming
    ...---... S.O.S. (morse)
    ^ Thumbs up
    :-& Tongue tied
    :P :-P Tongue stuck out
    :-J Tongue in cheek
    :-\ Undecided
    ;-) ;) Blinky smiley. User just made a flirtatious and/or sarcastic remark. More of a "don't hit me for what I just said" smiley.
    @:-) Havy hair
    :D -D Wider happy face
    |-O Yawning
    ,,l, the finger
    :-~~~ Drooling
    ? Hiding, staring in the dark
    B-) 8-) Smiling face from a person wearing glasses

    Object Smileys:
    0=(~~~ Dagger
    0=[==> Better dagger
    |C| Can of Coke
    |P| Can of Pepsi
    @[_]~~ Mug of HOT coffee or tea
    **** Popcorn
    <-->-- Flower
    @>-}-- Proper rose
    @}--{--{-- Other Rose
    c[T] Cup of tea
    c[C] Cup of coffee
    (%> Pizza
    >^-^== Turkey

    Print this page for reference so you can refer to it during a chat session, or use it to try and stump some chat veterans. And pass it on to others who may be just a little confused with it all. :-)
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
    When in Russia, pet a PETSCII.

    Get your ass over to SLAYRadio the best station for C64 Remixes !

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    someone has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on their hands.

    Great post, I have a lot of reading for later (whoa, I think I spotted my last name in there) ::goes of on the hunt for the wild acronym and it's cohort, Smileus obscura::

    Preliminary operational tests were inconclusive (the dang thing blew up)

    \"Ask not what the kernel can do for you, ask what you can do for the kernel!\"

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    AAAAAA american asociation against acronym abuse anonymous

    ...whoa I've gotta join after reading this thread.
    ...This Space For Rent.


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