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Thread: Thank god for rescue disks...

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    Thank god for rescue disks...

    If you haven't yet created a rescue disk for whatever OS you fancy, whether due to laziness or whatnot, DO IT NOW!! My Win98 rescue disk saved my @55 tonight. Anyone's system ever developed an issue with "Unable to control line A20, XMS drivers not installed" (That has to do with the system being unable to access the extended memory area, a.k.a all available memory above the basic 640k) This made it impossible for me to reinstall win98, which along with my win2k installation, went down the drain when I was forced to FDISK due to issues caused by the use of Partition Commander to resize my primary partition (see my recent post that consists of me harkening to the PC gods for help with my 98, 2k, Redhat multi boot plan). Anyways, I popped in my rescue disk (which I had given up for useless since I've never in all these years had the use for one), rebooted, and watched it load this that and the other in the way of diagnostic tools. Well, I noticed that my computer didn't give me the error message, so I rebooted, and bingo, everything was OK. So, even though I have a long and arduous task of reinstallations ahead of me, at least I was able to set aside just about 2 gigs of unpartitioned space for my Linux partitions. The lesson, don't scoff the rescue disk, you never know when it could randomly come in handy
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    when running linux and messing around with lilo u learn this very quickly, hehe
    but don't touch the kernel! not even a rescue disk can fix that, lol
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    Originally posted here by zion1459
    but don't touch the kernel! not even a rescue disk can fix that, lol
    Ummm... actually, you don't really need a rescue disk for that... if you're smart, then you never outright replace the kernel, anyway... you should try booting with it first (ie. from the boot prompt or similiar) and making sure that it actually works. If you do happen to swap it out and you run in to problems (and I did say swap there), you can always just reboot with the old kernel.
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    when messing around with lilo...

    there is only one solution....

    fdisk /mbr

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    lilo = boot from floppy for me

    emergency boot disk = a lifesaver many times, would be stupid not to have one.

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