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Thread: The Hacktivists - on TV in Australia

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    Exclamation The Hacktivists - on TV in Australia

    Hey everyone, just wanted to tell all of you who are here in Australia that on the ABC tonight at 9:50pm (2nd May 2002) there is a one hour program called The Hacktivists. Just wanted to tell you if you were interested in anything like this and didn't happen to see it in the TV guide.

    Explores the exponential growth in anti-capitalist activism around the world and the new modes of protest available via computers and the internet. (Coarse language)
    source: http://www.sofcom.com.au

    Anyways, here's a couple of links I found relating to it:

    So yeah, if you are interested, watch it, could be interesting. (That's if you can fit it in between The Footy Show and Big Brother Uncut.)

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    argh... aint gonna be able to see that... let's hope some1 captures it and puts it on the Net
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