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Thread: Klez infected by new CIH Variant...

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    Exclamation Klez infected by new CIH Variant...

    woohoo...ain't we got fun when a worm causing havoc gets infected with a virus ...CIH is baaaaack


    The payload for W95.CIH.1049 executes on August 2nd.

    The first payload overwrites the hard disk with random data, starting at the beginning of the disk (sector 0). The overwriting of the sectors does not stop until the system has crashed. As a result, the computer will not boot from the hard disk or a floppy disk. Also, the data that has been overwritten on the hard disk will be very difficult or impossible to recover. You must restore the data from backups.

    The second payload tries to cause permanent damage to the computer. This payload attacks the Flash BIOS (a part of your computer that initializes and manages the relationships and data flow between the system devices, including the hard drive, serial and parallel ports, and the keyboard) and tries to corrupt the data that is stored there. As a result, nothing may be displayed when you start the computer. To fix this requires the services of a computer technician.

    W95.CIH.1049 has been known to infect the worm W32.Klez.gen@mm .
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    wow... nas-T
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    If anyone needs to clean this virus goto this thread and download the tool that DJM has posted. It works great on removing Klez from your systems.
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    I almost got hit by it last night. Of course the email came from a AOL luser.
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    yeah i had allot of trouble ridding my system of it, w95.cih, but i never knew it came from a worm, norton family security was disabled, and i had around 2000 infected files. when i reativated it again.

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