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    News: Deceptive Duo Hit Gartner Web Site

    In what has now become almost a daily occurence, the Deceptive Duo takes out another high-profile web site. These guys are making quite a name for themselves. Read the article here
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    I only post the logo of that guys.

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    Gartner recently declared that ''until 2005 some 90% of cyberattacks will continue to exploit known security flaws for which a patch is available or a preventive measure known''.

    In fact this theory was validated by The Deceptive Duo using a known Netbios Brute Force attack method which allowed them to hack Gartner's servers in a mere 45 minutes (informations released by the same Duo).
    Now how funny is that. talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. A simple netbios brute force attack. How elegant, not.
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    Lol NetBIOS. Yup you know your a super hacker when you use well know NetBIOS exploits.
    I think these guys want to get caught. If you keep leaving your calling card behind youíre going to eventually get caught. Unless some copycat ends up taking the fall for you. Then youíre in the clear.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    They strike again! This time it was The US Navy that was the target. I was going to post a link to the defacement but it contains home phone numbers of some rather important people!

    If anyone's truly desperate to see the defacement, you'll find a link in one of the hacking newsgroups...That's all of a hint I'm going to give....

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    Weird how this whole thing isn't address by people like Bush or anything. If the Deceptive Duo is obviously making reference to the 9/11 attacks and saying security in this country basically blows, then I'd figure Bush or Colin Powell would have something to say. Even Rumsford who is the "Defense Security". He hasn't been doing his job this year has he.....

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    I dislike the way they are going about this. . . by defacing these sites. . . . But if thats what it takes for America & our Government to see how weak our security is. . . then so be it. More power to them.
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    Yeah, i have read that they have already told to the administrators about the weaknesses on the security of the sites.

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    It's like they believe they're vigilantes for security flaws and holes.....
    Seems like they got it backwards....?

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