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Thread: Installing PHP4 on IIS 5.1 ?

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    Installing PHP4 on IIS 5.1 ?

    Installing php4 on IIS 5.1 ?

    Ok I've been really patient about this. I've searched google and have done everything the installation manual, and php.net told be to do. Just wondering if anyone had any experience at doing this.

    Here are my steps.

    I install php, I edit the php.ini.dist file so it goes to my webroot directory. then rename it and move it to %systemroot% aswell as the php4.dll one. Once I moved the files. I do start =>run=>inetmgr.exe which opens up my Snipp in. I right click properties. And go to my "Home Directory" I click on the configuration then on "Mappings tab" I add a new extension and point the excutable to where php.exe is and name the extension .php. Then I also did one other thing it said to do which was to go to the "ISAPI Filters tab" and click on Add I point the executable to the php4isapi.dll and then it lables the name as php. After I do that I restart the server and pray to god that my php sets up but it doesn't.

    Got any ideas?

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    i am a man of php =)

    and yes, i do have a few ideas..

    I have used cgi, and php.. and even php inside of cgi.. or vice versa.

    you may wanna check the chmod's =)

    good luck
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