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    Originally posted here by kadeng
    Please make it impossible.[JP] to give negs anonimous
    Considering what JP has said in the past, this'll happen about when I get a GF.
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla ná engwar.

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    Re: I need AntiPoints!!!

    Originally posted here by Scorp666
    I want to break the record for the most negs ever! I am aiming at a 666 score!

    Please assign me all the negs you can, ty!

    Do negs give cancer?
    you would be banned from the site by the time you reach 300 negative antipoints. So that would be the best (worst) you could do. Hope you're kidding.
    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
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    Yeah, The person with the most Negs in the past was oblio (i think) with 4 red dots, he was banned soon after.... This is a very good suggestion, I would like to see it put in effect so them damn kiddiots wont flood me PM box no more

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    mmm Another dream bites the dust!

    Oh Well wouldn't be the first time I am banned from somewhere...
    Gladly there are always ways around walls

    [shadow]Scorp666, the Infamous Orgasmatron[/shadow]

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    hmmm the same kinda thing I posted about here could be used to flood soemones box with messages - this is really something that JP needs to address.....there is prolly some time limit as to how many times you can send it but by manipulating the flash file you could set the time corectly.....


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    Greetings All:

    Ok, I've taken 1 out of the 3 suggestions that NetSyn made.

    "we need to make it so they can only send 1 so i stop getting flooded with it... "

    The database now keeps track of when a user makes a request, and doesn't let them make a second request for that assignment.

    Keep in mind, though, that they will still be able to make 1 request for each of the other assignments that you've given them as well.


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