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Thread: As W32.Klez.*

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    As W32.Klez.*

    As W32.Klez.* the bug i've dicovered has the same strategy. When you create an avatar on Fireworks 4 or an other program with the same abilities. It gives you the opportunity to make a pop-up menu. Its option of this menu is connected with a link. If a bad guy put a button to be connected with a file (virus) with some option it could be a perfect virus. I've tried to make a pop-up menu and i discovered that only PNG file can give that ability in only one file.

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    Umm, what does this have to do with the site?
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    It's not about the site, but about the safety of the site's users. Sorry if you can't understand the meaning of my post. The main meaning is that:
    "Every avatar can be a virus.

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    W32.Klez.* .......i foudnb that on my server today....****ing virus creating bastards......

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    LOL....I just got done with Nimda for the second time around....

    I don't know much about viri however I was wondering what is the w32 for ? To tell it to run on the w32 Subsystem or what?
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    Win32??????? just maybe.
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    Originally posted here by KorpDeath

    Win32??????? just maybe.


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    Lamo virus writers. GAH

    When new clients bring in their virused systems and ask me why people would do this, I use the Surgeon/psychopath analogy.

    Both are fascinated by the mess, just one likes to clean up and be helpful and the other likes to wallow in the destruction.

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    Hey, have any of you understood?

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    Ok ii-monk a virus in an image file.. yes and?

    I had w95.annoying replace the config.sys with a GIF... annoying wasn't supposed to do it but as it was the only virus's found any any way shape or form on the hdd..

    Am I in the back waters here, virii of the week Magestr 4 varients, followed by Hybris a b & f
    don't any bastards ever bother to use or update their AV... don't answer.. dumb is as dumb does..

    oh ii-monk is that what u ment?
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