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Thread: Digital Rights Management

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    Digital Rights Management

    Microsoft published this article on


    I've heard that they are lobbying with congress
    to make this kind of feature mandatory
    in the future.
    Naturally, the protocols would be written by microsoft.
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    very nice rcgreen

    never doubt they'll get a product out right on time. (right!!!) makes me kinda wonder.

    this i found very interesting:

    License acquisition can be implemented silently or by requesting input from the user (either in the player application window or through the Web browser, depending on how you implement this in the application). Silent license acquisition is recommended because it provides the best experience for the user; the user is not aware of the license acquisition process, and the packaged file is played after a brief pause.

    not to mention you can watch every friggen move your client is making. looks like its all over but the shouten, now.
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    O I hear you guys...

    Microsoft would take the rights to the technology and "attempt" to incorporate them into Windows just as a standards so that the encoding could only be played if the authentic encryption algorithm could be verified which way??? The only way Microsoft knows, the internet. And is it just me or does someone seeing this moving the way that the Product Activation went....Ahhh, guys we tried something and it didn't work so um, let's blame it on someone....

    maybe it is just me but does someone see a regulation war going on here?
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    Oh, I LOVE this feature, I hope they convince congress to make this legislature. That way, companies can control the user at their whim, changing licenses on unsuspecting users, then nab them, when they violate the new license, in which the user did not know about. Oh sure they might get a small dialog window saying "updated license" or something to that sort. Like the user's will stop what they are doing, and read it?

    Why do these people, try to figure out a way to work with the public, in a user-friendly manner? Oh that's right, because it would render them with less money in their greedy pockets.

    I have a few suggestions (Movie Industry):
    1. Lower the cost to go to the movie theatre during prime time.
    In my area it is around $8.50+ just for one adult ticket. Now that big-screen TV's are becoming cheaper and BETTER, more and more people are opting to make their own little home theatre.

    2. Extend the time between a big screen release, and releasing it on video.
    The reason why: Because, if i see a movie, that I am not sure if i want to see it bad enough to spend $8, then I simply wait til it is out on video. Although, I usually tend to forget about it ... and don't see the movie at all, until someone else rents it or whatever

    3. Marketing Costs
    Most movies now come with their own website. That is good. Less marketing costs, and such. With the tools available today, there is no reason why marketing and advertising costs make the cost of going to the movie rise.

    Music Industry
    1. Lower the cost of CD's. At my Local Circuit City, I can buy most CD's from $10 to $15. I suggest, they lower the cost of CD's a few dollars to several dollars, depending on what they are currently priced at.

    2. Current online music services are outrageous with price and such. The buyer, is using THEIR bandwidth, and is not guaranteed a full transfer (might be wrong on this one). So why are the subscription costs expensive? If I were to subscribe to such a service, I want great speeds, I don't want to be charged per song, and it better be encoded in my prefered bitrate. And in my prefered format.

    Sorry for going a bit off topic, but I guess DRM includes this stuff.
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    Nope sorry gstudios no one would make any money the way that your talking about and then people would have to sell their $5million dollar+ homes...and your not being fair to them..

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