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    Question A specific question

    TCP Packet ID (from_IP.port-to_IP.port):
    SEQ (hex): 57E1F2A6 ACK (hex): B8BD7679
    FLAGS: -AP--- Window: 3400
    (data removed because irrelevant, 2 bytes data)

    2) This is the ACK of it + included data (witch causes SEQ number to
    change, and thus messing up our scheme, because this came very fast.)

    The above is of a short readme that I'm currently reading. It's about IP Spoofing ect. What I'm confused on is where it says "This is the ACK of it", and it does not state WHY. That's my question, why? Thanks for your time


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    I'm not sure as to what exactly is going on as I haven't read the file, but ACK means acknowledge. It probably means that the host recieves what you have just sent and returns an acknowledgement packet.
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    I suggest doing a search on google with port 23 as a search sentence. It looks benign to me...
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    SEQ (hex): 57E1F2A6 ACK (hex): B8BD7679
    See the ACK in that line. That means this is the ACK portion.

    Is that what you ment by why?
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