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Thread: Installing Linux

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    Installing Linux

    Moving from the windows environment to the Linux, do I need to disable Plug and Play or what should I be doing here, I can't seem to find a simple solution on the net, I'm awaiting a MANDRAKE 8.2 CD if that's at all helpfull, thanks again


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    You can leave it on in your BIOS setup. I assume this is what you are talking about. Mandrake is psudo plug and play aware. In other words, it basically does everything by itself during the install.
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    You need to turn "Plug and play OS" off in the BIOS or Linux may not recognise some devices.

    This does not turn plug and play off.

    What turning "Plug and play OS" does do, is it makes the BIOS assign resources to all hardware devices at boot time. This is a very good idea, as it usually gets it right.

    It doesn't affect P&P OSs like some versiond of Windows, as these simply reassign the resources (and often get it wrong)

    I have no idea why the option even exists, "Plug and play OS" set to "No" is always the better choice.

    Linux will not *reassign* resources to the devices, but does read the configuration information out of Plug and Play, so it's plug and play aware, but I don't think most drivers actually change the resources (There may be some cases where it will, I don't know)

    If the bios fails to assign a required resource to a device (usually an IRQ), the Linux driver will see this, and fail with a message that may or may not be helpful, something like "No IRQ assigned"

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    Could not have turning off Plug and Play OS off in BIOS be the reason why my mandrake doesnt pick up my sound card. I have a problem on mandrake: I dont get any sound!! Could someone help me installing sound on Linux. The sound card works prefectly fine in windows.

    I have an ESS SOLO-1 sound card. Any help appreciated.

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