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Thread: Open Ports

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    Open Ports

    I'm using Mandrake Linux 8.2 under KDE 2.2.2.
    After running Nmap against my own system, I found three ports open:
    111/tcp sunrpc
    631/tcp cups
    6000/tcp x11

    Should I shut these services down, and if so how? Thanks.
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    sunrpc 111/tcp RPC bind server (rpcbind) port
    631/tcp cups -->for your printer
    xserver0 6000/tcp First X server port -->u need this to use x windows

    for the 111 and 631 id block all ips-->firewall. i think shutting them off might not allow u to use them yourself-but i could be wrong. xserver and cups i dont think should even show up to an outside user, once again i could be wrong.

    111 u will need blocked though.

    to shut them off use your "ports" list and comment the ports out. i use BSD so idont know where your ports list is located...you can use the command
    "locate ports" and it should help you to find what u need. PS i am not positive wait for some more posts. just hoping to offer a bit of insight

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