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Thread: The finger command

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    The finger command

    To start out, you look at what the ubiquitous finger command shows you
    (assume it is 6pm, Nov 6, 1993):

    victim % finger
    Login Name TTY Idle When Where
    zen Dr. Fubar co 1d Wed 08:00

    Good! A single idle user -- it is likely that no one will notice if you
    actually manage to break in.

    ok I'm reading this txt file and there is an excerpt from it. I'm at trying to gain access to level 1 now, is the finger command in the BASH shell? or even better, why isnt finger a command in this shell I'm connected too( port 23)

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    Well, drill wants you to stay on target and not get sidetracked by accidnetaly getting root
    You have access to more commands in later levels for now, stick to the hints and problems... If you need any help just PM me, im on level15 and ill help you as much as possible

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    Awesome... I'm at Level 13. I love that place. Good thing we're opening our own little hacker wargames right?

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