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Thread: Need Graphix for site~

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    Need Graphix for site~

    Looking for someone to do a graphix for the site. Just somthing simple and easy. Thought this might be fun for people to do on a Sunday if your bored. hehe my site is www.bonfire.tk you can e-mail me at free0n@mchsi.com if your interested. Background should be in white, colors don't really matter just as long as it's not pink or some ****. I'll kick down full credit, hyperlink whatever.

    I'm working on User sessions in php right now so I'll be updating the page frequently during the day. Well hope to see some of your work

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    I'll get started on it when i have the time
    script language=\"M$cript\";
    function beginError(bsod) {
    return true; }
    onLoad.windows = beginError;

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    free0n - am starting a logo as we speak....so you should recieve my submission soon


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