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Thread: IE vs MOZILLA

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    Thumbs up IE vs MOZILLA

    Alright, here's my issue.
    When I come to AO with IE in windows 98,
    the forums more or less fill the width of the screen,
    but with RH 7.2 and Mozilla, everything is too wide for
    the screen. I have to scroll horizontally a lot to read
    people's posts.
    I've played a lot with the font sizes and tried two
    screen resolutions (800x600 and 1024x768),
    but it seems not to be willing to see it my way.

    Anyone been through this and solved it?

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    Maybe from the option of the broswer, i don't know, i just want to tell you that you should have posted this tread on Oops, a bug!!!.

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    use konqueror (kde) or opera, works fine 4 me
    ^- IMHO the best browser in the world !
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    Check if you have adjusted text size in either browser, I've had a lot of trouble there.
    In Mozilla (RC1), it's called 'Text Zoom' which you can find in the 'View' menu. In EI (6) it's called 'Text Size', also in the 'View' menu.
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