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Thread: Help! Plz...

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    Help! Plz...

    Dear experts here,

    I have an existing Office 2000 Premium installation, and I had recently updated it to Office 2000 Premium SR-1a (with the patchs from Microsoft), and then updated it to SP2 (again using Microsoft's installers). Then, the problem starts. I started my Microsoft Word 2000 as usual, and so, I started typing, but then like 3 seconds later, the Microsoft Word program just disappeared. So, I started it again, this time, I just waited, and same thing happened. It seems like it just close itself. PLZ HELP!

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    You didn't get any error messages befor closing itself?

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    This sort of thing happened to me when I installed the latest patch from Microsoft, whenever I tried to delete anything, the program would just close. It only seemed to happen when I was running KaZaa at the same time, but hey, this is m$ stuff, so who knows what can set it off. Can you give more information?


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    Don't know of any specific issues with it (myself, I tend to try to use StarOffice instead), but normally I'd expect to do some of the following, hoping one of them would work:

    - Make sure you have an updated virus scanner and use it.

    - Exit /all/ programs and try it again.

    - Make a backup of all of my document (and My Documents, of course) and uninstall/reinstall, then immediately re-run the upgrades.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Basically I guess I'm trying to say, make sure the system is free from worms and viruses... make sure nothing else is running that may affect MSWord... then, failing that, reinstall the whole thing (again, making sure no "outside forces" can affect the install) and hope that it goes away.
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