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    OKAY this is the way I see it: anyone who would download "Warez" must be smart enough to find a zip file password cracker? Google or some such search engine would find one. I even have one myself, supplied on the cover CD of a UK computer magazine.

    Where I am, we believe in "innocent until proven guilty" (I guess there is something in the US Constitution along those lines?); so I am assuming the question is innocent. I believe that the "answer" has already been provided by other members more precise than that to which I have alluded in my first paragraph?

    The lesson is: don't try to outsmart yourself. I protect files with passwords, but only to stop hackers getting to them or their being modified by malware. Why not use the same general security password for all such files?...somthing simple like your mother's unmarried name spelt
    backwards plus your date of birth? I doubt if you would forget that, and it would take a hacker longer than they have patience for to crack it.

    Write it down!!!....hey, they aren't going to burgularise your appartment and hack your PC at the same time are they?

    Malware will have no chance, as it cannot afford the extra baggage of password cracking algorithms. "Password" or blank is about the best shot you might expect.

    Good luck

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    Originally posted here by nihil

    Write it down!!!....hey, they aren't going to burgularise your appartment and hack your PC at the same time are they?
    Better advice is to use something such as PGP/GnuPG/etc to encrypt all of your passwords with a single, next-to-impossible-to-break passphrase (ie. use a complete mocked up sentence). Yes, you forget that passphrase and you are screwed, blued and tatooed (just where did that phrase ever come from, anyway? and more importantly, why did it suddenly come out of my mouth... hehe).

    But yes... I keep all of my passwords encrypted and signed to me, with my own public key, "for your eyes only," in one of the many encypted files on one of my machines... you can also use something like Secret! for your Palm, if you're in to the PDA thing...
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    use google to find a password cracker for zip archives

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