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Thread: Report a Bad Link

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    Report a Bad Link

    While browsing through the link directory, I came across several bad links that I tried to report. I got this error message:

    A fatal error has occured:

    Can't call method "param" on an undefined value at c:\apache\cgi-bin\DIRECT~1\bad_link.cgi line 33.

    Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

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    Yes, I got exactly the same error when I tried reporting a bad link.

    AO really needs a proper system for reporting links, even if it is as simple as emailing JP once a week with all the links that are broken so they can be removed from the system. Lots of the links under the hacking section don't work, because such sites tend to disappear on a regular basis.
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    I have another bad link to report... The Careers section is down

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    Gotta love apache turning on debug mode. That is sure to cause some problems. I haven't worked with it much, but if it is anything like sendmail's debug mode......
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