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Thread: A General Thank You

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    Talking A General Thank You

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on AO for all their help. Although I haven't posted much nor contributed a lot, I have been reading and learning. I have learnt to read to answer questions and the amount that I have learned since reading the forums here is amazing! This site is a blessing and all of you that take the time to help are just amazing. I will continue to learn and as time goes on and I have learnt more, you will see more of me in these forums. Once again thanks to you all.

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    Good to know some of it's been somewhat informative to someone... :grin:

    Hang in there... it surely only gets easier.
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    I rarely post so I know you're not talking about me...but I'll aknowledge your appreciation...for the most part there is a good crew here. Nice of you to note that zaggy, and never give up learning.

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