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Thread: To be wireless or not to be

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    Post To be wireless or not to be

    I recently thought about networking my computers together, I was wondering, should I go wireless or Cat5. Please reply and tell me your feelings on the wireless situation.
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    Wireless cost more but if cabling is going to be a pain in the ass it might be worth it.
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    I debated the same question not too long ago when I got my computer fors chool, and decided just to run cat5 to my room and use a router to share my cable connection. However, since I got my laptop, I have been looking back into wireless and realize since my room has a central location in my house - I think that I may set up an wireless access point there.

    From what I read there have been many security issues with wireless, which is the only thing other than cost (I am a college student) holding me back. However, I think the range of most affordable access points (500 ft outdoors) won't extend far off my property if it even gets that far.

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    GO WIRELESS! I just switched and it's definately worth the extra $$$! Nothen like sitten out in the sun on a laptop surfen the web! (I'm a loser) Just don't be stupid about it.....I'm the ONLY one in my area that changed the IP of my router and bothered to set up WEP. I can't tell you how many people just plug in their router and say "Look it works!" and never read the instructions on setting up any security. I highly reccomend Linksys but don't reccomed doing the firmware upgrade for the router.

    P.S. For the routers I've come across (ALL of em) That don't have any security, I've actually zero'd in on their signal, knocked on their door and told them their network was open....most of them were in shock.
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    If you are at all concerned about security, do not go wireless.

    That being said, the only way I'd do it, personally...

    • The WAP needs to have a way to secure it to specific MAC addresses
    • The WAP sits on an isolated ethernet segment with only a screening router or firewall on it, restricting access to very specific protocols/ports (can you say stateful inspection?)
    • All traffic from the WAP to the Internet is proxied and perhaps filtered
    • All Windows clients use a strong VPN client (preferably the same for all clients)
    • A 128-bit plus crypto key is minimum (for the times I'm running Mandrake on my laptop) - preferably with a way to automatically change/sync it every couple hours from a "management station."

    Sometimes it's rather entertaining to just drive down the street with a wireless sniffer... you would be surprised what you might see...

    And, no matter what the boxes tell you... a crypto key is not sufficient security on a WAP - you would be surprised how quickly you can break a 128-bit key with the right equipment (let's just say that it's a lot less time than it took for me to type this post - and no I am not kidding or exaggerating)
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    wasn't there even a post quite recently about them using a pringle tube as an antenna in order to snag wireless transmissions??

    /me goes looks it up.........


    I don't think that is the exact thread was looking for but is close enough


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