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Thread: Proxy anonymity

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    Question Proxy anonymity

    Hi there!!

    Can I know about the anonymizer more?? can you suggest me the readings, from which I can get an idea that how these anonyumizer works??
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    an anonymizer is a proxy. what that means is it makes requests on your behalf. when you use a proxy, your browser/ftp client/telnet client etc. sends a request, including the ip/url address where you want stuff from, to the proxy server. the proxy server fowards that requst to that server. the server that has the stuff you want logs the requst as coming from the proxy's ip address and not yours, because you didn't actually contact it.

    for more information on the subject do a search for proxy servers
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    check http://multiproxy.org

    free stuff! Windows, I am not a Linux guy but since you ask about that stuff I assume you aren't either...
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