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    Cool Hackers claim altruistic motive...

    (IDG) -- A pair of hackers who have been penetrating U.S. government computer systems across the country say they're trying to call attention to vulnerabilities in national security.

    But analysts say they're probably nothing more than publicity seekers.


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    I always thought that this was a bullshit reason for doing stuff like that. Even if they were doing it for the good of mankind and the entire human race, it's steal illegal. Kind of like euthanasia.

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    More like vigilantism.....
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    I got a '404 error' but most people who use that as an excuse is exactly that-an excuse to do illegal things Don't get me wrong, though I'm all about bringing pc security issues to people's attention.............
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    I got the '404' too, but I can see the point. . .you'd think we'd have it pegged down already w/ all the 'resources' we have at our disposal. . .not a good excuse to break the law, but a good point. . .

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