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Thread: know MRTG ?

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    know MRTG ?


    does anyone know how to use mrtg very well ? i 'm managing a network that's getting bigger and bigger and ciscoworks/ciscoxx just doesn't do it anymore. i'm looking for a porgram that is flexible so that it won't activate all the isdn links all the time ...
    solarwind is great for that but it doesn't come free...
    so mrtg or loriot (french program pretty cool but keeps on craching) is the solution
    i got it to work but i can't find how to modify the polling rate of 5 mins any ideas ?
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    change the cron file and the configuration file for MRTG to something other than 5min. so it calculates the average properly. There's a FAQ on the MRTG site, I believe.

    Kinda vague, but I'm not in a good mood, sorry.
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