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Thread: how to double an IP

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    Question how to double an IP

    Hello !

    My computer works in the net, which allows me to use the internet as well. I pay for this comfort a mounthly fee. Sometimes i would like to plug in my laptop instead of my PC but the net owner would charge me then an extra fee. My question: is there a way to work in the net with my second computer (not at the same time) an be seen as the first PC, wich I may to use. I thougt I could find a program which doubels my IP from first PC and pu it on the second, might be the solution. If someone has a clou how do do it, please let my know.



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    Network your laptop to your PC and install winproxy on the desktop.
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    There are several ways of going about this. The best, in my opinion, is to use Internet Connection Sharing.

    You'll need to install two network cards in your desktop, and get a crossover cable which you will hook into your desktop and your laptop.

    A good resource on configuring ICS is http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharing/

    It has links based on the OS you're using, so you should be able to just read through the appropriate article, and voila, you're set.

    Keep in mind that ICS is not available in any version of Windows lower than 98 Second Edition.
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    You could do what the others suggest or you could give your laptop the same IP and if they aren't using MAC rules then you're all set. Just make sure the DNS settings are the same, etc. etc.

    I doubt they are using MAC rules, so good luck.
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    as mentioned above, ICS(internet connection sharing) is a good and not too hard method to setup what u are looking for. keep in mind that ICS was introduced in WIN98SE(second edition). it will not work if you have JUST WIN98. the ICS wizard will make an .exe on the a: that you will have to run on computers that you want to share the internet from. read the help files and do some research before you play with it. ip's will be assigned by windows.
    have fun playing with it.

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