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Thread: "The" World Cup

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    "The" World Cup

    Who do you think is going to win the Soccer World Cup? I think Ireland are going to kick ass, but unfortunately, many are sceptical...

    Conversation held in #AntiOnline on Sun May 05 2002

    <QueenNelly> Belgium is ranked 3rd in education
    <Jethro> Ireland is 2nd
    <QueenNelly> lol
    <BorrisUK> People are so dependant on rankings
    <gamemaster6502> haha
    <Jethro> No really, it is
    <Jethro> Ireland has the second best education system IN THE UNIVERSE!
    <QueenNelly> like Ireland is gone win the worldcupfinal?
    <Jethro> Damn straight
    <preacherman481> I think you get as a good an education as you want, no matter where you are.
    <gamemaster6502> hell no!
    <Jethro> They study the ancient art of soccer
    <gamemaster6502> brazil!
    <gamemaster6502> brazil will win 4 sure
    <Jethro> Brazil, not a chance
    <QueenNelly> Jethro once again you Irish ppl don't look cute enough to win
    <gamemaster6502> either them or argentina
    <Jethro> QueenNelly > Don't kid yourself
    <gamemaster6502> japanese wont even win their 1st game
    <Jethro> Irish people are the best looking people in the world
    <gamemaster6502> and the U.S. will lose all of their games
    <Negative> Japan is in our group, I think
    <gamemaster6502> *lol*
    <Jethro> Japanese footballers will fall on their swords before they surrendur to defeat
    <Negative> he
    <preacherman481> Ouch
    <gamemaster6502> haha
    <preacherman481> Makes a rematch kind of hard
    <gamemaster6502> france sucks
    <Jethro> So that's why the Irish are bringing swords, knives...etc
    <preacherman481> That's just the fans
    <gamemaster6502> i hope they lose all of their games
    <Negative> France won the cup last time...
    <Jethro> France will probably come... 3rd
    <Jethro> Ireland... 1st
    <gamemaster6502> bah!
    <gamemaster6502> go Brazil!
    <Jethro> Brazil... last
    <gamemaster6502> Brazil or Argentina
    <Jethro> Japan... 2nd
    <gamemaster6502> Japan will lose
    <Jethro> I hope Argentina beats the UK
    <gamemaster6502> they will
    <Jethro> God, I can't wait to see the Irish kick ass!
    <QueenNelly> lol
    <gamemaster6502> Argetina gets flarred up when they play the U.K for stealing the falkin islands from them
    <Jethro> They'll beat Belgium (if they play them) to a bloody pulp!
    <Jethro> UK took a bite out of Ireland
    <QueenNelly> that's not hard
    <Jethro> That's why we are split up into the North and South
    <gamemaster6502> ireland = lose
    <Jethro> Like Korea
    <gamemaster6502> haha
    <Jethro> gamemaster6502 > aren't you American
    <Jethro> They didn't even qualify
    <gamemaster6502> Jethro: yes
    <gamemaster6502> i know *lol*
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    <gamemaster6502> the U.S sucks @ soccer
    <Negative> ugh... Ireland is in the same group as Estland, Cyprus and Andorra... of course they're gonna win
    <karnevil9> hi all
    <gamemaster6502> ive never rooted for the U.S.
    <Jethro> So kwit your biatching about Ireland
    <Jethro> Negative > Precisely
    <gamemaster6502> i always root for Argentina & BGrazil
    <QueenNelly> Ireland has an easy group
    <gamemaster6502> the southern american countries!
    <Jethro> What about Chile
    <Jethro> They got into it in 1998
    <preacherman481> Doesn't sound easy to me
    <gamemaster6502> jethro: drunk 5 year olds from ireland could kick U.S. asses
    <Jethro> Possibly
    <gamemaster6502> soccer != exist in the U.S
    *** Parts: dAggressor (Client Exiting)
    <Jethro> You have basketball, american football, hockey, baseball...etc
    <Jethro> We have the GAA and soccer
    <Jethro> That's it
    <gamemaster6502> jethro: we suck @ hockey kinda
    <Jethro> And the GAA consists of: Rugby, gaelic, hurling... boring ****
    <gamemaster6502> jethro: we lose to the canadians all the time
    <Jethro> gamemaster6502 > didn't US come 2nd in the Winter Olympics?
    <gamemaster6502> shhhh
    <gamemaster6502> we still suck
    <Jethro> Got beaten by the Canadians I believe
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    <gamemaster6502> thats what i said above.. we lose to the canadians!
    <gamemaster6502> thats pathetic
    <Jethro> Aren't the Canadians the best in the world?
    <gamemaster6502> to lose to some wannabe frenchys
    <gamemaster6502> yeah they are
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    <Jethro> I've never been to Canada, but I watch the Simpsons and South Park so I assume they are all idiots
    <gamemaster6502> when a canadian boy is born, a hockey stick also comes out
    <Jethro> that most be uncomfortable for the mother, but also strangely erotic
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    <Noia> hey Karn, Jet.....waz up?
    <Jethro> Noia> Aren't Ireland going to win the World Cup?
    <Noia> lol, Ireland?
    <Jethro> yes
    <Jethro> don't laugh
    <Noia> I'm not from Ireland, and I'v never been there....sorry....
    <Jethro> I'm aware of that
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    <gamemaster6502> my bet is that canada & the U.S will play against eachother like every year
    <Noia> karnevil9 >> I think sweeden is gonna win, theyr good at Icehockey
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    <gamemaster6502> haha
    <karnevil9> Noia: gee, thanks man...
    <Jethro> Shvedan?
    <Noia> lol
    <Jethro> I love the Shvedish accent
    <Noia> I'm from Norway, so I'm in-partial toward's either Sweden or Finland...
    <Noia> lol
    <gamemaster6502> adios
    <Noia> l8r
    <Jethro> Cya
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    *** Quits: Guest (Quit: Today is a good day to chat.)
    <karnevil9> Noia: you should favor to Finland
    <BorrisUK> Laters
    *** Parts: BorrisUK
    *** Joins: Fluxus
    <Jethro> Hey Fluxus
    <Noia> karnevil9 >> lol yea.....Norway and Sweden have never really liked eatch other....but the only sport Sweden is good at is IceHocky.....
    <karnevil9> Noia: and Sweden had this tennis star too -- Bjorn Borg
    <Jethro> Bjorn looked like an Abba reject
    <karnevil9> but that was a while ago..
    <Jethro> <Abba> Sorry man we don't want you <Bjorn> Feck, I guess I'll go play tennis or something...
    <karnevil9> Northern version of Tarzan
    <karnevil9> the looks I mean...
    <Noia> karnevil9 >> lol...
    <karnevil9> I don't mean the verbalic skills

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    Haven't a clue, but I can tell you who's gonna win the NBA Championship. GO LAKERS!!!!!

    Even without Shaq and Kobe they kick the proverbial A$$....

    Good luck to Ireland, though.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    Why thank you, bu we don't need luck, we need, God. Oh, and some luck wouldn't be bad

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    Forget soccer - now rugby theres a game
    But saying that I'll still be cheering Ireland on


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    KorpDeath: Lakers, boo! Go Sixers...oh wait, they're already out. Boo Celtics! Go...nobody, i hate all the teams still in the playoffs!
    Why am I still here?

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    NBA sucks. Now the WNBA... ooh... that sucks even more. Dennis Rodman, now he's a quirky fellow.

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    Re: "The" World Cup

    Originally posted here by jethro
    And the GAA consists of: Rugby, gaelic, hurling... boring ****
    Since when is rugby part of the GAA.? I must have missed that happening while I was daydreaming.
    Also hurling is not boring, it is the most exciting game in the world (followed closely by ice hockey)(both are often violent games in which the players carry weapons ).

    For all of you who don't know what the GAA is check out their site here .

    P.s. Ireland win the world cup? Of course they will..........sorry I must rush off now cause my pigs have just sprouted wings and are trying to fly away.......here piggy piggy piggy........
    If you don\'t learn the rules nobody can accuse of cheating.

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