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Thread: ftp & my IP

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    Question ftp & my IP


    my mate has an FTP server and every time he can tell what i am downloading and get my Ip address.

    is there away to stop him getting my ip address ??



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    Use a proxy.......ftp proxy that is.

    www.google.com will work for this.
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    Not really.

    If you connect to a server, the server gets your IP address. It needs this because otherwise it can't send packets (or in the case of FTP, files) back.

    You could use a proxy server, which would mask your IP address (the server sees its IP address instead), but obviously you would need to find one. Most ISPs these days don't seem to do FTP proxy, only HTTP.

    You could try to protect your machine by uninstalling services, or installing a firewall, so that he can't attack your machine even knowing its IP (If indeed that's why you want to hide your IP).

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